Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas week

Running this week has gone pretty - well despite the festivities!! Just as well 'cause I've been eating enough food & junk to feed an army!! All running has been at a steady / easy pace. I've also discovered the secret to running at close to 8 minute pace - start early in the morning. Yesterday morning I headed out for a 6+ mile run at 6:30am (I was up at 5:30am feeding Joe so I didn't see the point in going back to bed!!). Well the 'tentative' plan was to run at 7:15-7:30 pace but no matter how I tried the fastest split was 7:45!! Last night I also managed to fit in a 1.5mile uphill stagger at 'walk' pace home from the pub... I wonder does that count towards my weekly total?? - maybe not!! :)

I've skipped all the local races concentrating on my mileage - Thomas you'd be proud!!

Also my HRM has been acting up (i.e. not working) this week. I tried all the usual tricks - spitting on the sensors etc so I concluded that I may need to get a new battery but it's a year old...

Wednesday (24/12/08)
5.60miles - 40:29 (7:14min/mile)

Thursday (25/12/08)
0 miles - Family Day

Friday (26/12/08)
11.52miles - 1:24:52 (7:22min/mile, 151bpm)

Saturday (27/12/08)
6.27miles - 49:59 (7:58min/mile) + 1.5mile stagger/walk home from pub

Sunday (28/12/08)
9.85miles - 1:14:54 (7:36min/mile)

Week Total (22/12/08 to 28/12/08) - 6 sessions
50.87miles - 6:22:19 (7:31min/mile)


Mike said...

Great week Brendan. Your 50+ miles blows past my weekly record of 47 pretty handily. Geez, you go from sporadic mileage to nailing a 50 mile week like it was nothing - nice job.

And I've had the same experience, running at 6-7 am is an excellent "pace killer" for me too.

Grellan said...

With weekly mileage like that you're heading for marathon territory.

Thomas said...

Absolutely - I'm proud of you!

Btw, I've noticed the fact that morning runs are slower, too.

bricey said...

Thanks guys - based on my past record I'll probably only run 10 miles next week so the marathon is a long way off yet!!

I think it's a scientific fact that the metabolism is sluggish (technical term!!) first thing in the morning and therefore morning runs will most likely always be slower. I recall reading somewhere (along time ago and not sure if there was a proven scientific basis) that you can get the same 'training benefit' from a slower morning run, say at 8min pace, as you would get from a faster run, say 7:30 pace, later in the day once the metabolism has warmed up.

Love2Run said...

So did you time your stagger/walk home? Because if you did, then it counts! Nice week despite the festivities!