Monday, April 6, 2009

Zero running

....that's what I've been doing for the past week!! So I can report

Week 30/03/09 to 05/04/09 - 0 sessions
0 miles - 0:00 mins - 0bpm

Coincidentally looking back through my diary the last Monday to Sunday week when I did absolutely no running was the first week of April 2008. Maybe this is becoming my annual holiday?? Although.... as far as I can recall the reason for my running holiday in 2008 was work related!!

Despite some soreness early on in the week my knee seems to be progressing well and I think I may go for a few very easy miles tomorrow to check - 8 full days recovery should be enough - shouldn't it??

By the way I thought that I'd have a lot of spare time now that I'm not running 4 or 5 hours a week but guess what - I've never been busier. I think I'll need to go for a run just for a rest!!!


Mike said...

Good discipline to keep away for a week - hopefully that was enough to solve the problem.

No miles, but hey - at least that HR data is nice and low!! ; )

Love2Run said...

Well that's one way to get you to do some recovery/rest. Hope the knee works out.

Trish said...

hi brendan enjoyed reading your blog from one running geek to another. I grew up in limerick, have twin boys and still love racing. Keep it up . Trish


Hi Brenden, hope that knee is ok now!
But if the rest does not do the trick get yourself down to a good sports physio, in a lot of cases it can be something simple like a muscle imbalance and a simple course of remedial exercises ie weighted leg extensions etc will sort the problem out very quickly.

Mike said...

Hey Brendan - how's the knee??