Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Corkbeg...

800m to go...I'm in the background....

Thanks for all the comments after my last post. I think that the 'irregular' training I've been doing has been showing some limited dividends but I'll have to knuckle down to some proper training if I'm to make any real improvements!! Ohh.... Thomas you'll be able to beat me over a marathon / ultra for a long time to come (don't worry!!)

Also, courtesy of John Desmond's blog I see that there are 2 videos of the Corkbeg race uploaded to YouTube. Thanks to Rob Patterson.

Corkbeg near start (@23sec...)


Corkbeg near finish (@3:40)...


Video footage can be very enlightening... I hadn't realised until now how 'loping' my stride is. Maybe if I can increase my leg turnover I can also increase my speed??

Yesterday there was so much rain I thought that I'd moved to the tropics so - no running. As an aside some family members are in Kenya on voluntary work at the moment and they're praying for the rainy season maybe we can tanker the rainwater and ship it to Kenya!!

In between the showers today I managed to fit in an 8 mile steady run (7.87miles in 55:00 i.e. 6:58 min/mile (160/174bpm). The run was a bit of a progression run starting out at 7:16 pace for the first mile and progressing to 6:41 pace for the last).

This week was a fast but low mileage week. Hopefully I'll fit in some longer runs and more sessions next week ...

Week Total 6/7/09 to 12/7/09 (3 sessions)

22.77miles - 2:42:26 - avg 7:08min/mile - 162bpm


Thomas said...

I think you're able to tell if you're in the tropics by the fact that it's warm. And that it's not raining all day, every day. So very much unlike here at the mo ...


Yes I think a faster cadence would help you run faster, look at any race and you wull see the front runners legs really turning over [90-100+ reps per min, each leg] the mid pack will be somewhat slower 80-90 and some of the back markers will be as low as 70!
Faster turnover will help you run beter, uphill,downhill and the flat!
Try Lydiards downhill leg speed sessions, find a slight downhill on smooth grass and run 100 -200 m strides working on fast turnover!

Grellan said...

I always noticed that your leg turnover was less than mine on our runs. Not that I'm faster just that I'm faster than I would be if I had a lower turnover. Generally I aim for 90 which is also the target for cycling.

bricey said...

thanks guys. I've never thought about my leg turnover too much. Probably because I've got a relatively long natural stride and that combined with strong(ish) legs has helped me get by. I did notice in the 10milers earlier this year that during the latter part of the races, say from 7miles onwards, I tended to shorten my stride and increase the reps - I put that down to fatigue and an effort not to slow down (too much!).

In the shorter distances e.g. 400m a long powerful stride is an advantage and I've has assumed that the same is true for the longer distance events - but.. not necessarily so!!

I've never actually counted my reps per minute. Looking at the video from Corkbeg I seem to be doing 78-79rpm with approx 800 to go. Rick, that would put me at the back (I think I'll need to try those downhill sessions)!!

Without the benefit of video analysis what's the best way to count the rpm in training? - I anticipate difficulties counting and running fast at the same time due my limited multitasking skills!!


You could try counting the no of x your right foot hits the ground in 30 sec then double it, this article might help
The LYDIARD legspeed session will also teach your muscles and nervous system to handle faster turnover, all you need is a slight downhill on grass if possible, at first it will feel uncomfortable, but with time your cadence will greatly improve, I don't recommend counting your revs all the time but the above sessions will help.
Also try to land more under your center of gravity and don't overstride.
Getting someone to take a video of you running can be a real eye opener!
The best African runners are impressive to watch, driving there knee forward then pulling the foot down and back to land just in front of their C.O.G. then quickly pulling the foot off the ground with the hamstrings and driving the knee forward again which lifts the foot close up behind the butt [ for a short lever].
ALSO try doing some speed drills, high knees, butt kicks etc.
Maybe trying some bare foot running might help, Arthur Lydiard believed this could help help teach a more natural style, over padded shoes let us get away with a bucket full of sins, overstriding, heel striking and heavy landings!
And as a bonus you might find you injury problems will improve!

bricey said...

thanks Rick. Some good suggestions there. Drills etc were something that I did when I was younger but it may be time for me to reintroduce them!! Also I think I'll have to get the wife to come and video me - I wonder how she'll take that !! :)


You may have to butter her up with a promise of a future shopping trip!!!
Here is a great website showing improving running form using video


and here is a final link on video form