Monday, March 19, 2012

Mallow 10 report

Near Mile 6 - in pain
& I need a haircut!
The week after Ballycotton went very well for me.  No sign of post race niggles so I took that as a sign that the 6:30min/mile pace for 10-miles was well within my range and I began thinking that 6:20min/mile or quicker could be on the cards for today's 10 mile race in Mallow.

Unfortunately, I got sick which meant a very steep and unplanned taper!  Not very sick but enough to keep me out of work last Monday and no running for the last 10 days .

I thought that the rest would do me good but based on today's big fat failed performance it obviously didn't!

Today started out on a bad note with me realising when I was on route to Mallow that I'd forgotten my watch. "That's not so bad - it will be good to run a race by feel!", I told myself beforehand.  And yes it was.  I even managed to run the first half of the race to plan and reached the 5 mile marker in 31:55. 

Shortly afterwards the wheels came off.  By mile 6, just before the course became a bit undulating, I was in trouble.  Physically I was tired but that was to be expected.  What got to me more was that I couldn't be arsed digging in a bit more and pushing on like I had done only 2 short weeks ago in Ballycotton.  I just wanted to get to the end, collect my t-shirt (2XL is what they gave me!) and get home.  Miles 7, 8 & 9 were all writeoffs with periods of 'reasonable' running followed by periods of walking.  At least I got a chance to admire to scenery!  By mile 9 even the "1 mile to go" calls from the crowd weren't enough to lift my game.  In fact, it wasn't until about 400m to go that I was able to muster a finishing kick (a good one too if I must say so myself!) but it was too little too late.

I finished in 68:11 (212th place out of 1088).  Full results can be found .... HERE

Still, another race done.  Hopefully, apart from stubbing my big toe on a short downhill section before mile 8 there will be no recovery issues and training can resume next week.

Well done to all in Mallow AC for organising a great race and making sure, by moving the date from early January to mid March, that the race wouldn't have to be cancelled this year by snow or ice.  Personally, for what it's worth, I'd prefer the date in early January as it would fit in nicely with the other 10-mile races.  Also hopefully the road works will be finished by next year which should remove the 'obstacle course' aspect to the race!


Richard said...

I remember doing the Blarney half a few years ago and stopping to walk at mile 9. By then I knew I wasn't going to PB andI wasn't tired or anything. I just didn't see the point of it. I did manage to get over it but I keep my goals realistic now.

bricey said...

I think I remember that race as I did the same! But 2 weeks later I managed a PB in Cork to Cobh and ran the first 13.1 miles 6 minutes faster than Blarney! So it all comes down to what can be done on any particular day - some days it just doesn't come together!

"Realistic goals" - nah - you push the boundaries! :)

Thomas said...

I'd prefer the January date as well.

But that doesn't change the fact that you should get a kick up the arse for not trying properly.

bricey said...

Kick duly noted and given!