Monday, May 14, 2012

First Family honours!!

Since I can't write about my own running due to a current groin issue(!) which hopefully will resolve itself in time for me to at least make the start line of the Cork City Marathon I thought I'd sing the praises of my daughters who yesterday competed for the first time in the Cork County T&F Championships.

The U-9 Long Jump and 200m were the only events on offer.

Although neither girl had ever before competed in either a long jump or a 200m competition their long winter of training certainly paid off!

Both girls kept running hard all the way to the line and came a respectable 5th in their respective 200m (middle distance) events with 10+ competitors in each heat!

Eva jumped 2.98m in the Long Jump which was good enough to take the bronze for her first podium.  Despite one no-jump Una recovered well and jumped 2.59m to come 7th out of 22 competitors!  (the winner jumped a fantastic 3.43m and second was 3.07m).  Full results here

Nothing like winning / not-winning your first medal for added motivation!

Olympics 2028 here they come..... :)


Keith S said...

a proud dad i think - super stuff

bricey said...

Just as long as the kids enjoy it!!! That's what puts a smile on my face!

Richard said...

I still have a cabinet full of long jump, high jump and sprint trophies from my glory days (under 8 to about under 12). Victory is victory!

bricey said...

Me too. And look at us still 'active' 30+ years on!!!