Sunday, May 13, 2018

Old man & time again

Since I last posted here social media and blogging has moved on.  Most blogs now consist of tweets and it seems like the world doesn’t have any tolerance for ramblings of more than 140 characters!   Given the rambling brain dump that takes place on blogs such as this one I don’t blame them!  In fact, I’d say even the only 2 followers of this blog (my wife and me) who may find its contents mildly interesting have also shortened our attention span!  Too bad, as I’m going to start rambling here again!

In the time since my last post, almost 3 years ago, my running fortunes have taken a major decline. I’ve almost all but stopped running consistently and when I’ve made an attempt to return I’ve generally either stopped soon after (usually for good reason such a time limitations, work, family etc etc) or become injured.  I’ve logged a number of my attempts on my Dailymile microblog page.  Let’s hope this latest attempt will be more significant.

My latest attempt to make a comeback (strong word that for what I’m trying to do!!), was last February when out for an easy 4mile run I pulled my right calf muscle.  It has taken until now to mend ...

But as of last week it seems like my calf is fixed and I’ve put in a few slow & short runs.  By slow I mean really slow (by past standards but probably not that quick by current standards either!!).

What are my plans now I wonder..  not really sure I say ...but...  I’d like to get back running regularly.  Hopefully that can happen and I realize that it is totally within my own control.  I think I’ve gone beyond setting PBs so my ‘A’ goal now is to loose some weight and get back to the ‘head space zone’ that going for a regular run outdoors gives.

Small steps.... 2 x 4mile runs so far this week... let’s see what next week brings.....

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