Sunday, June 28, 2009

End of week update

As reported previously I started the week well but having logged 5 days in row by Tuesday I decided to give Wednesday a miss and allow some measure of 'recovery'. Unfortunately, Thursday also became a DNS for work reasons. So by Friday it is fair to say that I was fully refreshed and raring to go for a steady/tempo progression type run. The lunchtime run ended up being 5.62 miles at 6:42 min/mile (162/182 bpm). The mile pace splits were 6:57 min/mile (143bpm), 6:43 (158), 7:05 (162), 6:47 (168), 6:24 (172bpm) and 5:59 (179) for the last 0.62miles. It was a nice run and allowing for the uphill mile 3 it was on target. But the ITB injury certainly has set me back a bit and my legs didn't feel as 'free' as they would have back in March but I can't really complain as I'm making progress.

Saturday's run was put on ice (Bulmers cider and ice actually) when I used up all my 'free' time in the pub watching the Lions loose to South Africa...... not a good afternoon.

So, in lieu of yesterdays non-event I extended todays planned long run by a few miles. I was tempted to break the bank and go for a 20 mile run but some sense prevailed and I 'curtailed' the run to 15 miles. The course was an out and back from Ardmore heading towards Dungarvan and consisted of 4 miles uphill, 7 miles gently undulating and 4 miles downhill as shown below.

I took it easy starting out at 8minute pace but gradually increasing to 7:30min/mile approx and eventually ending up at 7:15 approx. In all 15.08 miles (1:54:55) 7:37 min/mile 155 bpm (max 167bpm).

Week Total (22/06/09 to 28/06/08) - 4 sessions

31.97miles - 3:38:03 - avg 7:27min/mile (155/182bpm)

What was most encouraging about this run today was the average heartrate. I know that I wasn't pushing it 'hard' but any run for me that has an average heartrate in the mid 150's is good.

Hopefully I can continue the recent trend so I've also decided on my general plan for the next few months.... The target race will be a half marathon in September, probably the Great North Run. My weekly training will comprise of a mix of tempo/progression runs with easy/steady distance runs. This mix of speed and endurance seemed to work well for the 10 mile runs in January to March so hopefully it will work again!! I'd like to include 2 runs per week of 10 miles or more and 2 'speed' sessions with any other days comprising some easy / recovery runs. These sessions will make the weeks slightly harder than the equivalent weeks at the start of the year but as the target race is now a HM and not a 10 mile I think I'll need to increase the workouts to get me though the last 3 miles!! Time will tell if I'll be successful or not....


Grellan said...

With 20 miles runs tempting you do I see a marathon on the distant horizon?

Thomas said...

Cutting down a run to "only" 15 miles? Your training sure has changed from last year.

I think Grellan is right, I can see a marathon in your future.

bricey said...

No marathon plans at present but 'maybe' at some stage in the distant future!! In truth I don't think that I would be satisfied to 'complete' a marathon without being able to 'compete' (at least with the clock) and I'm not sure how my big frame would hold up to the extra training required for that distance. Afterall I struggle to get back to back 40mpw without getting injured!!

But I've been reviewing this years diary with last years and I certinaly think I'm in better shape now. So maybe in time I'll be able to accomodate the longer distance....

Ohh btw I don't want to give the wrong impression - although I said that I 'curtailed' the run to 15 miles I think that 15 miles is a much as I could have run yesterday ... so I was probably at my limit anyway. However, all going well I might test that theory and try 17-18 miles next w/e.