Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holiday runs

Since my last post on 21st May things have been a bit mixed. Other commitments meant that I only fitted in 2 runs during the week of 18th to 24th May. A total of 11.9 easy/steady miles at an average of 7:02min/mile.

My next run was almost a week later on the 29th May, a lunchtime 5.6 miles at 6:56min/mile pace and the day I started a weeks holiday at the beach.....the good weather was due too so shorts packed and off we go.....yippee!!

Not only did the holiday give me the chance for some quality family time it also gave me enough free time (mostly early morning!!) to get in some quality runs. Typically, on my runs I headed out across the beach towards Ardmore village approx 1 mile away and completed a couple of loops of the Cliff Walk; a 2.5 mile long historic and scenic route that initially skirts a Round Tower (circa 12th century) and then takes me along a headland with breathtaking scenery and an undulating rough path which is not conducive to fast running! Probably just what I need... :)

So with the help of a Friday, Saturday and Sunday run I logged 18.81 miles for the week of 25th to 31st May. The average pace took a bit of a hit though - I averaged 8:30min/mile for the Saturday and Sunday runs in Ardmore. Interestingly (for me anyway), my heartrate on Saturday was 162bpm but on Sunday it was 151bpm for the same overall average pace. Not sure of the reason why.
Holidays are great....this week I improved on my recent run frequency managing to get out on 5 days, walked one the beach and collected shells with the kids, swam in the sea, cooked on the BBQ, avoided all news reports and had a generally relaxing time. Runs around the cliff varied between 5.7 and 10.1 miles - all easy (7:45 to 8:17 min/mile pace). Average heartrates were typically 146 to 151bpm. Today, I'm back home and my 7 miles on city roads were a bit quicker 7:03 pace (161bpm). That gave a weekly total of 38.32miles in 4:57:56 (average 7:47min/mile 154bpm) - my first week over 38miles since the middle of February last! Hopefully this trend will continue.
On the injury front despite some rubbing of the IT band on a run last Wednesday that problem seems to be 99% cleared (at last!). My left achilles is still very tight and weak so I'll have to work on that one over the coming month or so - regular stretching and strengthening to be done!!

10mile cliff route (6/6/09) including 2 laps of the Cliff Walk (miles 1 to 6)...
Run 6/6/09...



Glad to see your enjoying your running, at the end of the day thats what its all about! amazing how a holiday can rejuvenate and invigorate the mind ,body and soul!

Thomas said...

Good to hear from you again. Sounds like you picked the perfect time for a week off work.