Friday, November 13, 2009

Child minding...

I'm playing lone parent this weekend while my wife enjoys a break to Iceland with some girlfriends. So it looks like my running is finished for the week as it would be frowned upon to leave the 3 kids home alone so that I could fit in a run (even a quick one!!) - or would it ?? :)

This week I'll have to be content with a fartlek and a long run as being the quality sessions. Hopefully next week I'll be able to fit in the third quality session.

While the kids were at school / child minder this morning I took the opportunity to go for my long run. Since the Cork to Cobh race my long run have been a maximum of 12 miles. Today I wanted to push it out to 15+ miles.

It went well enough. It was cold - the first time since last winter that I resorted to wearing gloves but it was dry (for a change!!). I wanted to run in the 7:15 to 7:45 pace overall. The first half was typically faster than the second half. Some day I'll manage an even paced run. I think mental fatigue was beginning to creep in today as from 7 miles onwards my mind certainly drifted from the job at hand. Still though I completed the 15.60 miles in 1:55:48. That's an average pace of 7:25 min/mile and 158 bpm. My first half pace was approx. 7:15 min/mile. It was nice to put in a real long run and hopefully some more of these will stand me in good stead later in the year.

Today's run..



maybe you can have a lads week away [when Mrs B returns]to the Benidorm 1/2 marathon!!!

Grellan said...

I leave my kids at home all the time as they don't like running :), then again they're that bit older.

Solid long run and good discipline in not "drifting" off the pace and putting in some sub-7 minute miles.

Thomas said...

How did you get your cadence data? Have you got a foot pod that I missed?

bricey said...

Rick... now there's a plan!!

Grellan... maybe I could have put them in a trailer and pulled the around - now why didn't I think of that!!

Thomas... I got a footpod during the summer. In hindsight it was a bit pricey (€70 on Amazon incl postage etc) but it gives some interesting info (if you're into numbers!!) and saved me having to count footstrikes. What surprises me most is the consistency - I tend to be 77-80rpm a most paces although if I run in the low 6 minute pace it go over 80rpm. Also cadence seems to increase uphill (despite the pace decreasing)