Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 and going backwards

Up until last Thursday morning 2010 was going pretty well. I really enjoyed the family time over the holidays and my running was beginning to come together. I'd managed to fit in a few longish runs and some solid steady runs. On Wednesday I went for an 8 mile steady run which included 3 x 1000m @ sub-6:20 pace. Things were looking up for the Mallow-10 which was due to be held last Sunday (subsequently cancelled due to ice).

Then came Thursday....the first day back at school / work etc. It was cold outside - very cold (by Irish Standards!!). At 8:30 I was happily walking my son up to his childminder (who lives 4 doors up from ours). One minute Joe was in my arms and the next I was picking both him and me up off the footpath. The dreaded ice!!!

When I was falling a heard a 'click' in my right ankle. When I stood up I heard another - not a good sign but at least I was able to stand. Planning to continue on my journey I then turned around to pick up Joe's bag. Suddenly I was doing a classic cartoon banana skin fall - both legs up in the air. Joe and I were back down on the ground. Once again I picked Joe up but I was winded so I didn't get up as quickly this time. Neighbours who saw the falls were running (carefully) towards us - by their reactions it must have looked bad!! I gave Joe to Pamela and she tried to console him. I then picked myself up and hobbled my way the 20 yards back home. Joe, while distressed seemed OK and all this time I was thinking to myself - "yes, I must go to the hospital but at least I can walk so maybe it's just a sprain"....

Off we go to the hospital. Although worried, the girls were delighted that they'll get another day off school!! Joe was checked out and we were relieved to hear that despite the bruise on his cheek (sustained when he hit my face) he was going to be OK. Then I got the news about myself....

I had broken my ankle in three places and the joint was also dislocated. The worst of the fractures was a spiral fracture of the fibula at the level of the ankle joint. Surgery would be required.

I was scheduled to have the surgery on Friday but because I didn't get a bed until late on Friday afternoon the surgery (involving plates screws etc) was pushed to Saturday morning. So it only took 48 hours for me to be fixed up!! Great.

I wasn't alone. The hospital was full of similar victims. Apparently there were four orthopaedic operating theatres in use - normally there would only be one.

I was eventually discharged on Tuesday afternoon. It's good to be home... but it's hard. Even getting around the house is difficult.

So what's the prognosis.... no weight to be put through the joint for at least 6 weeks then lots of physio and I should be able to walk normally again. As for running..... I should be able to run again but due to the restricted joint movement I'll probably not be able to run to the same standard. But it will be at least 3 or 4 months before I'll be at that stage. For now it's a matter of keeping my leg elevated, not stressing the joint and not doing anything that will prolong this condition.

To be honest while it will be hard for me the next six weeks are going to be hardest for my family and I can't do anything about it!! AHHHHHHHHH.

I'll post an update periodically to record how I'm doing but I can't promise on it being very exciting..

Be careful out there and I look forward to living my running through reading of your achievements.......


Thomas said...

Jeez, I'm really sorry to hear that. And it's hardly fair - I've been running on the ice like the idiot I am without any falls, and you can't even walk your boy to the childminder without breaking your ankle.

Doesn't bode well for Ballycotton either!

Nothing to do but accept it - but that really sucks. All the best for the recovery.

Diarmaid said...

Bricey,thats rotten luck,
keep the head up - you should be able to run fast again,I broke my ankle 4 years ago and have the plate and 6 screws in still..if the surgery is good the bone should be stronger than ever after recovery .it will probably be painful for a good while but you will hopefully be back on the roads soon enough.
good luck with the recovery

bricey said...

Thanks guys.

Thomas - my wife would have divorced me if I fell on ice while running. All Christmas I was being warned!!

Diarmaid - Donough mentioned your plates at Bernard's mothers funeral. Maybe he should have kept quiet!! Anyway it's good to know that recovery is possible. It's the "probably be painful for a good while" that concerns me!! At the moment I'm fine when the leg is up but as soon as I put it down - ouch!!

Private said...

Shit, that sucks. My two falls to date on the ice have only resulted in a smacked chin and a bruised ego - so nothing important damaged.

Best of luck with the recovery.

bricey said...

Thanks Private. It seems like the ice is finally going away so hopefully that's it for this year??

Richard said...

Crikey Brendan,

I only found out about this this morning from Tadhg (I've got to surf some more!)

I hope it goes well for you. You should recover a little quicker than Joe public because of the adaptions to your legs that running has brought.

Also, on the recovery, I'd rely on a physio more than the wet carpenter.

I will pray for Pamela and the kids!