Monday, April 19, 2010

Is this the end game?

Cycling used to be the simple matter of taking your bike out from the shed, hopping on and going.
Now it's a matter of putting the bike rack onto the car, filling it up, getting helmets, baby seat, lunch, kids change of clothes, hopping into the car, driving to a nice flat quiet area, unloading the car, waiting for the youngest to wake up, and then doing some cycling. See how things have changed? Still though, I wouldn't change it for the world!
Running has yet to begin but I got some good news earlier today ... the physio says that I can start with some very very light short runs later the week. YIPPEE
Since my last post I've been limited to stretching, some dynamic work and some cycling. Not enough to halt the (significant) weight gain from 5 months of being a couch potato. But all that may change over the coming months!
The emphasis of the weekly physio sessions has also changed. I think I'll have to live with a much restricted rotation on the ankle joint (may be a problem on hilly runs) and now it's all about compensation i.e. the new orthotics I received last week. The joint is still swollen on occasion, mostly at the end of the day, but ice and elevation seems to keep that largely under control. My achilles is also bothering me but hopefully the orthotics will help with that issue.
On the 7th January 2010 I really didn't realise that it would take this long. I've really missed my 'irregular' runs. Amazingly, I don't recall missing running this much when I 'retired' back in 1994.
All in all though an end 'seems' to be in sight and hopefully my next post will include some running!



All the best with your return to running

Grellan said...

Very very light runs - probably still sub-8 minute pace for you!.

I remember taking my daughter out on a cycle, with her younger sister on the back of my bike in one of those baby seats. Got a bit of a scare when she fell asleep and started leaning forward as we were going down a steep hill.

Thomas said...

This sure took a very long time!

Glad to see that you're finally able to start again. It will be interesting to see what the enforced rest did to your times once your fitness is back.

bricey said...

Rick... cheers - good luck in London and keep working on your breathing! :)

Grellan .... Sub-8 ... I wish! I get the feeling that that sort of pace will be months off yet.

I can relate to your story, that's why I had to wait for Joe to wake up! He's impossible to keep in the seat when awake I could only imagine how he'd be asleep!

Thomas... interesting indeed... It'll be a while before fitness is back though!

Westley said...

Glad to hear the progress is continuing and you'll be back soon.