Saturday, April 3, 2010

Exercising again....

Mostly more of the same this week..... physio x 2, walking, exercises, stretching, ice, etc, etc... No running except on the trampette at the physio clinic.

However, this weekend I did managed to fit in a couple of nice cycles of 9 and 13 miles. Today, I even dusted off Mr Garmin, who last saw daylight on the 6th January, so long ago! Today's effort looked something like this...

Based on the above, as you can see, I don't think I'll be entering the Tour de France any time soon. In my defence, the second half was into a headwind! Neither my sore legs nor the saddle sores played 'any' part in the gradual creep in the pace! :) I was surprised that I could only cycle 13.18miles in 1:09. add 15 to 20 minutes and I could run the same distance!!

I also spent the morning in the pool with the kids. A good excuse to do some non-weight bearing exercise; although having to carry Joe (now 15kg in weight) significantly negated any buoyancy non-weight bearing benefits!!

While I hopped along in the pool, my girls made a new friend who turned out to be the daughter of none other than Robert Heffernan (Ireland's top international 20k walker - 6th 2007 Worlds, 8th 2008 Olympics). As our children became more and more 'competitive' (i.e. adventurous) in the water, we compared ankle injuries and concluded that there is no quick cure. He's still suffering 18months on from an ankle injury. :(

We chatted for a while, then he slipped in that he raced a 50k in Slovakia last week. "How did you do?", I asked kicking myself for not checking the Athletics Ireland website lately! "3rd but I broke the Irish record", he replied. "Congratulations", I said. "Yeah, I went through the Marathon mark in 3:05 but the last 10k was a killer!" ..... yikes !!! .... and he was walking!! The official report is here. His wife Marian Andrews, also a handy athlete, is the current Irish 400m champion - so London 2012 may just be a family holiday!!

I'm off work next week but as I'm childminding I'm not sure how much cycling I'll be able to fit it... but I'll try I need to do something!!!


Grellan said...

I can see where you're heading with your bike and swim. Cycling into a headwind is a killer. Your running may be your weakest discipline when you get back on your feet.

I only read yesterday that Robert Heffrnan broke the Irish 50k record. 3:05 marathon at a walk - crazy - maybe he could hold my gels on my next outing.

As he's a year ahead of you in the ankle injury stakes can we expect a few broken records from you next year?

Thomas said...

Yes, I can see the signs as well. That's how the lure of the Dark Side starts. Just look at me!

He's walking a marathon as fast as I could in my PR. That's just sickening.

bricey said...

Interestingly Robert was blaming not adjusting his drinks to account for the quicker than normal first 26 miles as the reason for the tough last 10k. It's reassuring that even the best struggle with optimising feeds during a race!!!!

Not sure about the 'dark side' and certainly no promises on the records front. My mountain bike isn't made for tri's and can't justify the expense of a new bike.... Afterall we're in recession!! And ... I'd need a lot of work on my swimming technique. By that time hopefully ankle would be back!!!

Richard said...

in 2008 I was plodding along in the Cork City Marathon when Robert walked past me. He was pacing a friend for the second half of the race.

good to see you're on the road - just not on your feet.