Thursday, May 27, 2010

Progress over four miles..

I thought it was about time that I updated this blog.

Since my last post I've been doing some running but nothing too serious. Last week I managed three x 4+ mile lunchtime runs at approx 7:30min/mile pace. On Monday I managed to only get 1 mile into the run before my lack of fitness forced me to take a brief (15 secs) walking break. Unfortunately the break wasn't long enough because I also had to walk at the 2 and 3 mile marks!! I suppose that's only to be expect having not done any serious exercise in 5 months!! Tuesday's run showed some progress... I lasted 2 miles before I needed a rest but I also walked at mile 3. I rested on Wednesday and on Thursday I got to just over the 3 mile mark and that was the one and only break! Can fitness really increase overnight?? Interestingly, despite these breaks all three runs were timed at between 32:25 and 32:35.

Injury watch......The range of forward rotation in my ankle seems to be gradually increasing but I suspect that it will be many months yet before it begins to feel 'normal'. I've also been having some issues with my right achilles (broken ankle side) and left hamstring / glutes so hopefully these too will ease with time....

Today, after resting my ankle for a few days, I headed out for another 4+ mile run at lunchtime. It felt comfortable for the first time and I actually completed the run without stopping and knocked a minute off my time too, finishing in 31:40. That equates to approx 7:20 pace. Happy days.....small victory but at least the positive trend continues.

I've my next and hopefully final physio session next Monday so hopefully I'll get to run some more before then.

Have a great weekend.




Thomas said...

Well, that's progress.
Ease into it. There is nothing to be gained from being impatient.

Richard said...

Congratulations Brendan,

You un-fit is fitter than my fit.

I broke a shoulder in 1998 and it took about 2 years for full rotation to return (mind you, no physio visits so it can be shortened)

Grellan said...

Good to see progess but don't be too much of a slave to the watch.


After having had quite a few nasty ankle sprains when i first got into running, I started to use a wobble board;

Really useful for increasing strong and Flexibility for you ankle muscles tendons and ligaments.
Maybe you can talk to your physio about using one.

bricey said...

Thanks guys.

Grellan you're right - since loosing my garmin I'm limited on the numbers front. Anyway my focus over the next couple of months is running 'duration' and not necessarily pace or distance. I think that the important thing in building base fitness will be time on the road!

Rick, funny you should mention that , during today's run I was thinking that I need to do some of that type of work. Thanks for the link.