Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lovely weather (not!!)

My planned runs for yesterday and today were to be a 9mile easy and 6mile fartlek respectively. However, a late night's work on Tuesday meant that I only got 4 hours sleep and a long day at the office yesterday meant that I wasn't home until after 9pm. On top of that when I did eventually get home the autumn rains and wind were really in force. All-in-all it would be an 'uphill' battle to get out and run, never mind complete my planned 9miler. So I decided to be sensible for once and reduce my run to a 10k. Once out I felt better but really noticed for the first time that the summer is gone (did it ever arrive). It must be the first time a since last winter that I had to run in the dark! The run well enough all things considered but the steep hill back home was one hill too many and I gave in to the temptation to walk for 1min (unforgivable I know). On the positive note my hip, which was bothering me on Monday, showed no signs of distress but both calf's were a bit tender afterwards - strange...I'll have to keep an eyen on that.

Today's session was closer to the programmed 6mile fartlek. I got out at lunchtime which has two advantages. Firstly, it's the one time of the day that I can set aside (most days) and keep from other commitments and secondly it's 'time limited' which means that I have to run fast to get the session done!! I set off steady enough with 2 miles at 7:29 pace. I then put in various steady/tempo intervals of 0.33mile (6:15 uphill), 0.29mile (5:54 uphill), 0.17mile (5:30) 0.74mile (7:10), 0.55mile (5:54). Varying recovery lengths (see below). All-in-all an OK session.

Wednesday - 6.3mile - easy (ave 7:33) - 48:26

Thursday - 5.63mile - fartlek - 40:19

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