Sunday, September 28, 2008

Race week minus one and counting

Well I've nearly made it.... Today's run marked the end of the last week of 'training' for the Great North Run. In marathon parlance I'll 'taper' for the next week. Using my own words I'll just tick over and try not to get injured!! I know that at this stage any 'hard' training will be of absolutely no benefit for next weeks race. But having said that, apart from easy / steady runs during the week I'll probably try a tempo interval session mid week just give my legs a blow out.
As I've mentioned previously my wife is pregnant with our baby due towards the end of October. Here's hoping that it doesn't decide to come early or I'll have to change my plans for next weekend....
Today I settled for an 'easy' 7-miler which felt very comfortable and no adverse effects from yesterdays run. Interestingly and coincidentally the average pace was exactly the same as last Sunday's long run which was over twice as long. Maybe my internal 'pace clock' is telling me that 7:24 is my 'Sunday pace'. Also interestingly this weeks overall average pace and heart rate exactly matched the pace and heart rate of last weeks long 'easy' run. I wonder what the sports scientists could conclude about my condition from this statistic??? Probably nothing...
Sunday (28/09/08)
7.07miles - 52:17 - 7:24min/mile - avg 149bpm
Week Total (22/09/08 - 28/09/08) - 6 sessions
43.59miles - 5:22:26 - 7:24min/mile - 152bpm

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