Sunday, September 21, 2008

The week ends

FINALLY the week has ended. For various reasons this has been a long and, as recorded in previous posts, a changeable one. It has taken until today for me to feel fully recovered from the effects of last Sunday's half marathon and although I had a worrying 'new' pain in my right calf yesterday all seems to be well now - so no obvious ill effects from last weeks dress rehearsal....
I got out at lunchtime on Friday as planned for a 6mile easy run. I was joined by Grellan and although it was nice for a change not to be running 'solo' I think that the chatting certainly slowed us down - no harm there though!!
Saturday was a busy one on the domestic front so no time for running. I should have gone out early as originally planned rather than having a sleep-in and convincing myself that I could run in the afternoon (lesson learnt!!). Domestic duties also meant that I didn't even get to the Munster vs Cardiff Blue rugby game in Musgrave park. Munster won relatively easily in the end (28-20) so the Red army marches on. Hopefully they can maintain this winning streak all season!!
I didn't make that same mistake today and got up early for my regular long Sunday run. The weather was dry but a thick blanket of fog covered Cork City and for most of the first hour of the run visibility was only approx 100m!! No wind though so the conditions were perfect for me. Today's run started in Douglas from where I ran into the City Centre, out over Sundays Well, onto the Straight Road, back in the Model Farm Road, up to Wilton, through Ballyphehane, Turners Cross and back to Douglas. In total 15.70miles at average 7:24 pace; a total time of 1:56:03. The first mile was in 7:36 and my pace progressively increased to a peak at mile 10 (6:58) which was followed by some marginally slower miles at max 7:10 pace to the distance of 14.76miles. The remainder of the run was an uphill 'recovery' at approx 7:45 pace. All in all a very satisfying run. Looking back through my diary I've run this route a total of four times since the start of August and today was certainly the quickest and most comfortable. The previous runs were:
Date - Time - avg bpm
10/08/08 - 1:59:28 - 156
17/08/08 - 2:04:31 - 157
31/08/08 - 1:57:36 - 151
21/09/08 - 1:56:03 - 152
It looks like I'm reaching a peak just at the right time....

Friday (19/09/08)
6.02miles - 49:46 - 8:16min/mile - avg 144bpm
Saturday (20/09/08)
Sunday (21/09/08)
15.70miles - 1:56:03 - 7:24min/mile - avg 152bpm

Week Total (15/09/08 - 21/09/08) - 5 sessions
37.06miles - 4:44:25 - 7:41min/mile - 150bpm

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Mike said...

Hi Brendan - just got your comment on my blog, nice to meet you. Yes it seems that our pasts are pretty similar in regards to track. The difference being that where you ran the mile and 800m in school and went down to the 400m, I was more a 100m guy who came up to the 400m - but our school times for the 400m are very similar (49.7)

Nice half marathon BTW. It would seem that you already have a nice endurance base. While I agree the 400m might not be a good event for us any longer, I bet if you did some speed work, hill repeats, plyometrics, etc you'd be surprised how much speed you'd get back. Your mile time (and probably 5k time) might improve dramatically!

Anyway - I'll be following along, good luck w/ your running.