Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let the walking begin

It's now 2 weeks since my cast came off and my ankle rehab seems to be coming along quite nicely. My initial attempts at hobbling have now turned into something resembling walking and my ankle joint doesn't mind being rotated - which is a good sign or so I'm told!

I had my first physio session earlier today and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my attempts to flex and rotate the ankle joint as well as some other basic exercises are just what I should be doing. And my drive to New Ross (300km return) earlier this week was just the right kind of exercise - no wonder I felt good the day after!! So at least I haven't been doing any damage.

The muscle wastage isn't too significant and the fact that it was my dominant leg, which has 10% extra muscle, that broke was a good (?) thing. I'm sure my overdeveloped calf muscles also had something to do with it!!

Some static bike work with the possibility of the cross trainer in the not too distant future was even mentioned. But... it seems like it will be June before running will become part of my exercise regime. Well at least it is June '10 and not '11 !!

The glass is definitely half full at the moment and as Westley commented on my last post "Every day is a day nearer your next run rather than another without one". How true....


Love2Run said...

One step at a time, make sure to take it easy once you get going.

Diarmaid said...

Good news Bricey, going to get physio early on should be a big help.. When I went to my physio it seemed like she was out to break my ankle all over again as she put huge force on the front of the foot to get "movement" back in the ankle. Be careful not to push those nerves and tendons around the ankle too much and you will be good to go in June hopefully!

Thomas said...

Back to running in June - just in time for the Cork City marathon, then.

Just kidding of course. You might just have a great summer after all the rest in your legs over spring. Just do as the physio says.

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Maybe you can team up with someone who has broken there left ankle and do a few school sports day 3 legged races :]
Sounds like good news all round, June will soon come around and your be able to make the most of the glorious 'summer' to come!

bricey said...

Thanks guys... Advice noted and taken on board.

Rick and Thomas you've given me an idea... A friend of mine was part of the 3 legged marathon world record (approx 3:30) a few years ago in cork.... So anyone willing to lend a good right leg and I might give it a go

Rick... I think that the marathon would be easier than the school sports!!!!!