Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three in a row

Still no running but I'm gradually getting more active; which is just as well cause my appetite is no different now than when I was running 'regularly'. Surprisingly it's only been during the past few weeks that I've noticed my weight go up. So it's official - it takes 3 months for all my muscles to revert to fat!!

I had three physio sessions this week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday was an unplanned session - I finally got a call from the CUH and although I've been going privately I didn't like to disappoint Mary Harney and the HSE!!!

Progress seems to be on track (or maybe slightly ahead of schedule) as I've now advanced cycling and to running on the spot on a trampoline while playing catch with a ball. (not at same time). BTW she (ie the physio) says the ball is to distract me but I think it's a subtle hint to give up running and take up a less risky sport like rugby!!

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