Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great North Run - update

This is the 1km long start area for the Great North Run. Last year I was in Zone H (Green) and it took me approx 35mins to cross the start line. This year I was in Zone B (Orange) and I crossed the start line within 10 seconds... a much different and better racing experience!!

Earlier today I finally got around to uploading the data from my Garmin for last Sunday's race. The picture is clear. Surprising from mile 8 onwards I was starting to feel the pace and slowing. The slowing pace may also have been as a result of the 'hills' on the course which started after the 7 mile mark. This was a surprise to me because after the race I had thought that it was from mile-10 onwards that it all fell apart.

I was talking to a fellow runner at the start line and we were warning each other about the dangers associated with the downhill start (approx 1.5miles). Unfortunately I was carried away with the occasion and I didn't take my own advice!!!

These are the splits which speak for themselves - my target pace was 6:29 - I really stuck to that plan!! I've also put in my recent Cork Half Marathon splits for comparison in brackets. Just goes to show that regardless of whether you start slowly and pick up the pace or run fast from the off the end result will be the same!!

Mile 1 6:14(6:54) - 158 bpm

Mile 2 6:07(6:43) - 171 bpm

Mile 3 6:09(6:41) - 175 bpm

Mile 4 6:22(6:42) - 178 bpm

Mile 5 6:33(6:50) - 181 bpm

Mile 6 6:21(7:05) - 181 bpm

Mile 7 6:28(6:35) - 181 bpm

Mile 8 6:31(6:19) - 181 bpm

Mile 9 6:55(6:23) - 182 bpm

Mile 10 6:53(6:20) - 182 bpm

Mile 11 7:20(6:28) - 183 bpm

Mile 12 7:32(6:28) - 180 bpm

Mile 13.1 7:35(7:14) - 185 bpm

I'm very happy with my splits up to the 10-mile mark so I think I'll record them as PB's with a (*) on the sidebar until I manage to better them in an official race... Targets to aim for in 2009!!!

I also did some analysis of my official timing and position for what it's worth....

Tyne Bridge (3k approx) - 11:11 - 207th position
10K - 00:39:10 - 219th position
15K - 00:59:53 - 272th position
20K - 01:22:30 - 373th position
FINISH - 01:27:03 - overall 387th position

Spot the trend!!

I was the 8th Irishman home, 370th male finisher and 65th in the M35 category.

BTW the most important statistic is that I was only beaten by one man in fancy dress and he was dressed as Batman - so that's OK!!

This week will essentially be a recovery week with alot of rest days and some 5 to 7 miles runs. There won't be much to report so I'll leave any posts until the end of the week...


Thomas said...

Dropping 100 places between km 15 and 20 - Ouch! Next time you could try running an even pace - yes, a revolutionary idea, I know!

The 10k time is going to tumble next year, no doubt about it.

bricey said...

Thomas, I didn't fully realise until I looked at the results that so many runners passed me - but obviously they did!! My mind obviously blocked it out!

EVEN PACE....hmmmm....I must think about that one....:)

Hopefully your right about the 10k time. I have a note in my diary from the early 1990's of a 36min 10k but I don't count it as I'm not sure about the accuracy of the course measurement (no Garmin back then!!). A sub 39min would be nice next year..

Grellan said...

Those early 3 mile are at a blistering pace. Recovery from that sort of pace over the following 10 was a tall order. The slow start and faster finish would be better from a phsycological viewpoint although an even pace to a target time is probably the best means of getting there.