Friday, October 24, 2008

The waiting game

My running plans for the end of last week were put on hold when we thought that Pamela, my wife, was going into labour. No such luck and after 3 days in hospital the doctors decided to release her to continue her wait at home. So suffice it to say family took priority and I had to be satisfied with my 2 sessions early last week. Just as well that it was my end of season recovery week!!

This week hasn't been much better. I did manage a run on Monday night - an easy 5.46miles (7:24 pace). My evening runs are typically on an 'out and back' route from my home. I live at the top of a steep hill which is good for the 'out' part but generally proves to be challenging on the way back!! Essentially the first 1.4mile drops 75m but that includes a drop of 64m in 0.66miles (approx 1/16). My heart rate tells the tale (see below from Monday's run)!!

Tuesday and Wednesdays runs were a washout for weather and work reasons. But, suffering from serious cabin fever, I did manage to get out again on Thursday night. This time for, at bit easier, 6.25miles @ 7:38 pace.

Today, being a bit frustrated with running in the dark, I reverted to regular lunchtime session and I decided to put in a progression (steady to tempo) session. No real plan about the target pace - I just felt like a good burn out!! The distance was 5.65miles and the average pace was 6:45. However that doesn't tell the full story. The mile splits were 7:00, 7:04, 7:09 (uphill), 6:40, 6:27 and 0.65miles @ 5:55 to finish. I finished the run feeling good and surprisingly not out of breath - maybe I should have kept going!! I must say though that over the first 3 miles my legs felt a bit heavy - I probably need to get back running more regularly..

BTW still no progress on the new young Bricey - He/She seems to be happy to stay put for the time being (much to Pamela's dismay!!). The waiting continues....

Best of luck to all those running in Dublin this weekend (Thomas, Richard etc). May the force be with you and may you get the just rewards from all the hard effort you've put in. If the weather is favourable PR's should be on the cards. Good luck.

My running so far this week comprised:

Monday (20/10/08)

5.46miles - 40:25 - 7:24min/mile (avg 157bpm)

Thursday (23/10/08)

6.25miles - 47:43 - 7:38min/mile (avg 156bpm)

Friday (24/10/08)

5.65miles - 38:10 - 6:45min/mile (avg 162bpm)

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