Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two of the same

There's not too much to record yet this week. I went for a 5.5mile run yesterday at lunchtime and again tonight at 9pm. The runs were over the same route so I thought it might be interesting to compare the two. The route was an out and back and I planned to run a steady pace on both days.

Monday (27/10/2008)
5.50miles 39:05mins @ 7:06min/mile @ 153bpm

Tuesday (28/10/2008)
5.48miles 39:53mins @ 7:17min/mile @ 152bpm

So tonight I was 11sec per mile slower even though I tried to run at a similar pace. I wonder why? Maybe I was feeling the cumulative effects of the runs on Sunday & Monday. Or maybe the fact that tonight's run was in the dark, which meant I had to be a bit more care underfoot. Also tonights run was after a long day and within 2 hours of eating dinner. Anyway, who knows the reason?

Hopefully tomorrow I'll go for an easy 6mile at lunchtime and I plan on doing my first hill interval session since 1994 on Thursday....


Michael said...

That long since a hill w/o... enjoy.

bricey said...


Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately it didn't happen last week either. "Hopefully" this week!!