Monday, January 12, 2009

63 in sub-63

That was my position and time from today's Mallow 10-mile race. Official time was 62:54 a personal best and well within my time in last year's Ballycotton 10-mile race - yipee!!

Well done to Thomas who also posted a significant PB and to Grellan for achieving his target (even if it was a bit more work than he would have liked).

576 runners braved the elements for this wet and windy race. So I was once more just outside the top 10% but I certainly can't (and won't) complain!! Official Results.

Legs are a bit tired and sore now - only to be expected I suppose.
It's too late now for the full race report but I promise to post it tomorow.


Mike said...

Great race Brendan! Really surprised that sub-63 doesn't get you into the top 10%. What made this race attract so many top level guys?

Love2Run said...

Very good time with fast company I'd say. Thomas was really breathing down your neck, wasn't he?!

bricey said...

thanks for the comment guys.

Mike - Yeah the competition is pretty hot in the majority of the races here sub-60 is the benchmark for the real speedsters!! This race series is a popular one and it attracted alot of not local runners which too may have contributed to the quick times!!

Mike - Thomas was to close for comfort. I'm sure the tables will be turned next time!!