Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good start

This week has started well. The plan was an 'easy' run on Monday, steady/tempo run on Tuesday and longish easy run today. So far even though today's run wasn't as long as I hoped (time constraints) I've generally stuck to the plan. So to quote the US President "yes I can"...stick to a plan - well sort of anyway!!! :)

Monday was 5.76 miles in 41:39 that's an average of 7:14 min/mile. Mile splits were generally around 7:30 with a 6:5x last couple. Felt good.

Based on my recent 10mile PB McMillan has revised downwards my pace ranges. Long Runs are 7:14 to 8:14, Easy Runs are 7:14 to 7:44, Steady 6:23 to 6:34 and Tempo 6:07 to 6:14 min/mile. I don't know what to call 6:35 to 7:13 run I suppose I'll have to make up a new pace range!! I've no real problem with the easier end of the scale but the tempo pace seems a bit quick for me. I'll have to psych myself up for those runs!! Tuesday's run was 7.19 miles in an average of 6:48 i.e. 48:57 at lunchtime. I took the first 2 miles easy at 7:15 and 7:11 pace over sloshy/slippy tracks. Mile 3 onwards I concentrated on steady/tempo phase with the next 4 mile splits being 6:44, 6:36, 6:16 and 6:29. Although I was comfortable over the whole run I didn't want to overdo it so I took the foot off the throttle for mile 7 at 7:03 pace. All told a good lunchtime session and the pace was certainly quick enough to avoid frostbite!! I've also now concluded that 7 miles is the max I can fit in at lunchtime....
Today I ran the same route as yesterday but Mr. Garmin measured the run as 7.25 miles. Strange ehh!! Easy was the pace planned and the average pace ended up being 7:20 (on target) in a time of 53:07. Splits were 7:01 to 7:33. A big spread but not too bad given the terrain - hills, tracks and flooded fields!!!


Mike said...

Nice work Brendan.

In regards to the tempo - according to Daniels, after you go above 20-minutes, you need to adjust the pace to something slower. For example, if you were to run say 25-minutes then you'd add about 5-seconds per mile to the original tempo pace. For a 50-minute run, it comes out to about +17 seconds/mile.

So if your tempo pace is about 6:10 and you run a 50-minute tempo run, your pace would be about 6:27.

bricey said...

Mike thanks for that bit of info. I really need to start reading some literature and be a bit more scientific about my training!! I hope your recovery is progressing well

Grellan said...

I'll have to join you on one of your "easy" lunchtime runs and get pulled along. That tempo pace certainly looks challenging - don't invite me on one of those runs.

I have the Daniels book if you want it.

6:35 to 7:15 is probably your recovery pace after the tempo runs.