Thursday, January 8, 2009

Race week rest(ish)

Since Monday I've felt generally 'fatigued' and on top of that both achilles tendons have been giving some trouble, particularly in the morning. Maybe the 15+ mile run wasn't such a good idea!!

Hence I've been taking it 'relatively' easy. On Tuesday a 'recovery' run of just under 5 miles at 8:02 pace (39:40) was followed by a return to work on Wednesday :( and a lunchtime 5.67miles in 41:41 (easy 7:22 pace). Mr Garmin went a bit 'haywire' today and recorded a 0.2mile distance as approx 1.2 miles!! Hence I completed 2No. sub-3:30 miles in the middle of my 6.6mile steady run!! Nice! In reality my run was approx 5.6miles in a time of 40:39 an approx average of 7:15 with a couple of 6:55 minute miles in the middle just to freshen up the legs for the weekend!!

Since I'm not feeling 100% I'm not sure how I'll approach the 10-mile race in Mallow on Sunday. I guess I'll see on the day but at least this year, and not wanting to tempt fate, it looks like I'll make it to the start line which is an improvement over last year!!!


Grellan said...

A couple more of those recovery runs and you’ll be fine. No need for too much speed in a 10 miler.

Mike said...

3:30 pace in the middle - that's one helluva fartlek!!

Good luck in your race.

Thomas said...

A 3:30 mile should see you finish at the front of the field on Sunday.

Just like you I hope to make it to the start line this year. See you then!

Love2Run said...

Hope you're all rested up for the big race against Thomas & Grellan. Have fun!