Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dungarvan taper...

This week was another unsettled week.

Monday was a 5.34 miler easy @ 7:28min avg. pace (39:52). Essentially a recovery run following Sunday's long run. Tuesday was missed - can't remember the reason but I'm sure I had a good excuse.

Wednesday I essentially repeated Monday's run but picking up the pace towards the end i.e. 5.24miles in 37:28 (7:11 min/mile avg) starting out at 7:43 for the first mile and 6:46 for the last. I was going to extend the run to 7+ miles finishing at 6:1x pace but having a eye on tomorrows 10-mile race I decided that there was not going to be any benefit gained from putting in a tough session a few days before a race.

Thursday and Friday were also skipped days - this week was now fast turning into a taper week!! :)

But... yesterday afternoon a sharp pain suddenly appeared in my left calf so I elected to test the legs today ahead of tomorrow. 5:46miles steady in 40:05 mins (an average of 7:20) was how I chose to test the legs (mile splits ranging from 7:01 to 7:40 mins maybe not the smartest but hey if I couldn't run at that pace I certainly wouldn't be able to race tomorrow). No ill effects so yesterdays pain remains a mystery!!


Jamie said...

Glad the test was a success. Good luck tomorrow!

Love2Run said...

Those random phantom pains are the worst aren't they? Have a good race!

bricey said...

thanks guys. yeah not sure what causes these random pains - maybe the solution is to run every day then my whole body would be sore and I wouldn't realise that I had phantom pains!! :) No ill effects today though!!