Monday, February 16, 2009

Another week down..

Well, I survived Saturday and I made it out for my long run on Sunday. Unfortunately I had to cut it short due to time constraints (had to take my 3 kids to a 4 year olds birthday party). (As an aside... spending time on a kids bouncy castle can do wonders for your leg condition my legs are killing me today!!!). So on Sunday morning it was a 9+mile run into town and back. To be predicted I compensated for the shortened run by running the second half about 10-15 seconds per mile faster on average. In all it was 9.31miles easy in 1:07:54 i.e. average 7:17. My legs felt heavy but to be honest I put that down to residual fatigue from Friday nights session!!

The total for this fast yet low mileage week ended up as follows:

Week Total (9/2/09 to 15/2/09) - 4 sessions
28.25 miles - 3:20:52 - 7:07min/mile - No HRM

Today (Monday) I started the week off on a good note with a 7.02 mile easy/steady run at lunchtime in 51:29 i.e. an average of 7:20min/mile. Instead of simply running easy today I thought that I'd push the pace a bit to compensate for not running the planned 15+ miles yesterday. So the run was an easy/steady progression run with the mile split pace varying as follows 8:24, 7:57, 7:13, 7:06, 6:47, 6:55, 6:58. My legs felt heavy throughout but again I think that this was a hangover from weekend.


Thomas said...

I think the bouncy castle is intended for the kids, not the dads. Having said that, I had to TEST it when it was delivered for our twins' last birthday party. You couldn't have the kids on an untested device, can you?

bricey said...

my thoughts exactly!! :)