Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Race week tempo

I'm planning on running a 5 mile race on Sunday so the plan is that this week I'll only do one 'quality' workout. The remainder of the week will be relatively easy.

I took a rest yesterday (Tuesday) so no running and today was nominated as the week's quality workout. A lunchtime 7-mile tempo run over varying terrain through the Regional park and roads around Ballincollig. A similar route to last weeks workouts but in contrast to last weeks steady/tempo runs it was all-out tempo from the start today. Last week I was averaging 6:40 to 6:50 overall I hoped to run sub 6:30 today. Weather conditions were perfect and it was the first day all 'winter' that I could run in just shorts and long sleeve.

The mile splits were encouraging - 6:15 (Mr Garmin went a bit 'funny' during this mile so actual split more like 6:35), 6:42, 6:37, 6:30, 6:14, 6:02, 6:09 & 5:42 (last 0.14 miles). In all 7.14miles in 45:19mins. That's an average of 6:21min/mile!!

Although I was 'reasonably' comfortable throughout I definitely had to work harder than during last weeks sessions and afterwards it took a few minutes for me to catch my breath!! I suppose the 20-25 seconds increase in pace was significant afterall!!

So the plan for the remainder of the week is easy / steady running and definitely nothing sub-7 minute pace until Sunday!! (Famous last words!!)


Grellan said...

Looking good for Sunday. That's a great tempo run.

Thomas said...

I wish my tempo runs would follow the same pattern, but while I usually set out at the same pace as you, I seem to taper off each time at some stage.

bricey said...

thanks guys.

You'll see from the elevation plot that all the hills are in the first 4 miles or so. So my finishing paces may be a bit distorted by the flat / downhill gradients!! I'd figure that your endurance is equal if not better than mine so I couldn't be overly concerned if I were you.

Mike said...

Nice tempo Brendan. That does it - I've made the mental note to officially sign you up for a sub-1:20 half marathon now!! ; )

bricey said...


Sub 1:20 is still a long way away... :)