Saturday, February 14, 2009

Speed and dehydration

So far this week I've managed to fit in the quality sessions but I've failed dismally to fit in the easy/recovery runs.

Monday was a planned recovery run after Saturday's long run. Lunchtime again and starting out with Tony. 5.64miles in 43:19minutes. That's an average of 7:41 min/mile. The initial miles were at 8:45 pace accelerating to 7:00 minute pace over the last few.

Tuesday was to be the first quality session a 7+ mile steady to tempo run. I started out easy (Tony joined me for the first mile) which served to be a nice warm-up. In total the run was 7.66miles in 52:06 an average of 6:48 min/mile. The mile pace splits were 8:17, 7:01, 6:54, 6:31, 6:17, 6:22, 6:28, 6:25.

Wednesday and Thursday were write offs.

On Friday it was another of the lunchtime quality runs. Again a steady/tempo run but this time over the shorter distance of 5+ miles and a bit quicker. 5.64miles in 37:33 an average of 6:40 min/mile. Mile pace splits were 6:55, 6:48, 6:51, 6:50, 6:21, 5:58

The second session on Friday was more of the liquid "dehydration" variety. A marathon pace session starting at 8pm and going on until 4am. Numerous water (Guinness and wine actually) stations were involved, generally at an average of 15 to 30 min intervals. Thanks to Grellan for the lift home. Suffice it to say that today was a recovery of the non-athletic variety!! Re-hydration has been the primary focus. Hopefully, I'll be recovered enough for tomorrows long run......


Thomas said...

Sounds like a hell of a marathon pace effort session. At least your endurance is impressive!

Mike said...

Nice couple of tempos. Two of those per week along w/ a long run and a couple recovery days and you're going to be heading to a new fitness level in no time!

Grellan said...

Funny - I was at the same marathon event and there was water at my "water stations". A good tempo run should blow off the cobwebs.

bricey said...

thanks guys.

Thomas - I told you I was working on my endurance this year - I just didn't say what type of endurance!!

Grellan - you must have cleaned out all the water before I got there..but after seeing what you had planned for Sunday I should have known!!

Mike - hopefully....