Monday, February 23, 2009

Eagle AC 5 Mile report update

According to the official results my placing yesterday was 28th out of 264 competitors. My time however was rounded to 30:45. Grellan claims that I stopped my watch too early (see above). I contend that I started it too late (slow reactions on the start line!!).

The summary for last week was ...

Week Total (16/2/09 to 22/2/09) - 5 sessions
38.02 miles - 4:36:00 - 7:16min/mile - No HRM

No running today - it's my birthday so I'm concentrating on eating cake.

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Thomas said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cake! I'd say leave me some, but I can't go and get it.

They always round up the second. In Mallow I crossed the line exactly at 1:03, and they gave me an official time of 1:03:01.