Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy days

I've stuck to the end of week plan for once!!

Thursday and Friday were planned as easy runs at more than 7 minute pace. As it turned out Thursday's run was 6.20 miles in 46:47mins, an average of 7:33. On Friday I managed 6.78 miles in 49:29 an average of 7:18 min/mile.

I knew that both days I'd started out at approx 8 minute pace and finished strongly. But I was a bit surprised with the extent of the 'acceleration' when I uploaded the data today. On Thursday the mile splits ranged from 8:12 to 7:07. Not too bad. My legs were a bit tired from Wednesday's tempo session and in particular there was a tightness in my left hamstring which was still there on Friday. Nothing too serious but enough to make me not want to push things too much. Afterall Ballycotton isn't too far away now!!

On Friday I started out at 7:52 min/mile but I really hadn't realised that after mile 2 my pace was sub 7:05 and my last two miles were in 6:52 & 6:44 respectively. They certainly didn't feel that quick. Still though, I had no shortness of breath at the end and felt very comfortable so the run can still be classed as 'easy'. That's something I wouldn't have said 6 months ago so maybe my recent training regime is beginning to pay off!! But I really must get a battery for my HRM - I'm sure that my heart rate has come down recently.

I cancelled this mornings 4 miles easy run in lieu of getting my hair cut!! Maybe that will help in tomorrows race... :)

I've no fixed plans for the race tomorrow except to improve on my PB which officially is 31:51 even though I've recorded substantially quicker splits in longer races. The course has a few hills so I'll have to see how things work out....

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Grellan said...

If tomorrow's a good day I'd say sub-30.