Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Maybe I should have concentrated on running to the line instead of stopping my watch!!
Thanks for all the comments after last Sundays Ballycotton 10.
Some more stats from the final results. Officially, I came 128th but.... based on my first half (non-chip) time I was in 121st at the 5 mile mark and based on my chip time I was 123rd at the finish!! Still not top-100 but a bit closer!! Just goes to prove how a bad start can be critical.
Yesterday (Monday) I managed 5+ miles easy @ 7:30 approx pace. The legs were heavy but not sore - a good sign!!
No running today (Tuesday)

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Richard said...

I have the same photo of myself fiddling with the watch......not one for the mantelpiece. The guy with the hat behind you in the photographs.........he should get a special prize for running the whole race with a tea cosy on his head (and in a time of 1:01!)