Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last week before Ballycotton

Last Thursday the tempo was fairly uneventful and generally it went well enough. I repeated Tuesdays course - only quicker. 5.62 miles in 35:52 (i.e. 6:23 min/mile @ 165bpm). The mile splits were 6:29 (147bpm), 6:26 (162), 6:38 (166), 6:19 (171), 6:12 (171), 6:05 (178).

A night out on Thursday night was enough to make me too tired on Friday to get motivated enough to run. So no run on Friday - just re-hydration!!

Saturday was a family day so no chance for a run either. This meant that I definitely needed to run today. A long run was planned at an easy/steady pace. But having stayed in bed half an hour to long time was against me. So 12.5miles was 'all' I could fit in!! The course was into Cork City centre, over Sundays Well, out to Bishopstown, back to Turners Cross and back to Douglas. For those unfamiliar with the geography...

The easy bit never really happened and most of the miles were in approx 7 minute pace or less but it felt easy (except for the last mile!!). It's amazing how revitalising a few days rest can be!! In all 12.55miles at an average of 7:09 (156bpm) was the end product (1:29:40).

I'm a bit obsessed with mile splits lately so here's how this run went mile by mile - 7:09 (134bpm), 7:08 (145), 7:04 (154), 7:10 (153), 7:28 (158), 7:02 (156), 7:09 (160), 7:07 (158), 6:58 (159), 6:58 (161), 6:53 (162), 7:42 (168), 7:03 (169).

Week Total (23/02/09 to 01/03/09) - 4 sessions
31.45 miles - 3:35:23 - 6:51 min/mile avg - 158 bpm

Next week will be a taper of sorts in a effort to be 'refreshed' for the race in Ballycotton on Sunday. My diet has been a bit erratic lately so I'll also try and eat a bit healthier!!


Thomas said...

As it happens, since Wednesday I'm quite familiar with the geography myself, having inadvertently run from Turner's Cross to Douglas.

I do envy your tempo runs. I never ever manage to get below 6:30 in training. It's like a switch is flicked on race day, and then that pace can feel like jogging.

Here's to Ballycotton. I'll most likely lose sight of you after half a mile.

bricey said...

I think that the fact that I don't run in the middle of the night may have something to do with me getting under 6:30!! and I take it by "lose sight" you mean that I'll be behind you!! :)

Hopefully the wind won't be as strong as last year which might make for quick times!!

Grellan said...

Uneventful tempo runs at 06:23 pace certainly show that you are still on the upward curve. It's just a question of where will that curve take you on Sunday (a top 100 finish t-shirt perhaps or who knows an eventful run at 23 seconds per mile faster)

PJ Carroll said...

Good luck in ballycotton. Your blog is refreshing and interesting. What type of garmin do u use a 305 or the new one...Im thinking of a purchase..... your thoughts would be appreciated.....

bricey said...

PJ thanks for the comment - I use last years model the 305. Although it's a bit bulky it suits me fine. I understand that the 405 is very similar only less bulky.

I never thought I'd say it but I find the info available from teh garmin invaluable and defo worth the money!!

Best of luck - Brendan

Anonymous said...

Hey Bricey, Great blog. How did you get on Sunday at the Ballycotton10? You can't sneak a few seconds of the time cas your finish line photograph will be seen

hah the joys