Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potential disaster...

.. but hopefully not.

The pain I felt in my knee yesterday evening could only be described as a 'stiffness'. Strange how during the run I was fine and the pain only appeared 8 hours later!!

So today I tried to go for an easy run at lunchtime. But I was only 100m in when I knew something was wrong. By quarter of a mile I decided to bail. So today I recorded a huge 0.5mile @ 8min/mile pace!!

Sitting here now I've no pain so I think I'll take it easy and rest for a couple of days and hopefully things will settle!!


Richard said...

Of all the injuries I've had the knee (connective tissue around the knee) was the hardest to fix. I lost April 07 to Sept 07 with my right knee. I'd be realllly cautious with it and pulling up after 0.5 miles is a good thing to do. I found it responded to icing and physio but it was so hard to hold back on the running (which was part of my problem)

Paudie Birmingham said...

Hi Brendan. A very annoying injury.
Carefully does it.
3 months before last years Dublin marathon I had something similar.
Needed to take a week out totally which at that time was the last thing my training needed.
Ended up I had a tear in a muscle to the right of my right knee (MRI scan showed 2 months later) but the week out gave it enough time to heal.
After a month it was perfect again. Physio did the trick.
Best of luck

Mike said...

I'm sure you will anyway - but error on the side of caution would be my recommendation. Better to lose a few days or a week now than a month or two later.

I know it's almost impossible to do, but resist the temptation to go out and "test it" every two days. (I did that all the time and it never seemed to work out!)

Best of luck and I hope you have a quick recovery.

Thomas said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. A few days' rest should sort it out.

bricey said...

thanks all.

Feeling much better today. As I said hopefully this will settle. It seems hard to imagine that it can be anything too serious when it only started to get sore 8 hours after the run???

Ignoring Mikes very good advice (sorry) I may do a couple of miles tomorrow just to see if I'll survive the race on Sunday. Assuming all is OK I'll definitely take it easy for a couple of weeks in April before I rebuild for the summer months.

Grellan said...

I hope the few easy weeks in April won't be enforced! Good luck tomorrow if you run. I may visit, but not compete.