Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update ..

Although I'd planned a 12 mile easy run on Sunday I forgot that it was Mother's Day....hence, my available time was severely curtailed!! So my long easy run turned into a shorter faster run early in the morning. Overall it was 6.26miles at 7.00 min/mile average (158bpm). The first 5 miles were steady(ish) 6:59, 6:59, 6:51, 6:40 and 6:41 with a 1+ mile easy. My legs felt heavy - maybe it was the early hour or maybe I was still a bit run down from last weeks head cold. Otherwise the run was uneventful.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach with the family. Almost felt like summer!! So that brought the weeks running total to a 'not so high' mileage of 25 miles!!

Week Total (16/03/09 to 22/03/09) - 4 sessions
25.53miles - 3:04:44 - 7:14min/mile - 156bpm

Monday and Tuesday were write-offs so no running. So today, the sun was shining (even if the wind was a bit strong) and I made sure to run at lunchtime. I joined a colleague Tony for the first 2 miles which I used as a bit of a warmup which was followed by 4 miles at 'tempo' pace. The mile splits were 7:49, 8:10, 6:56, 6:16, 6:03 and 6:11 which gave a total of 6.06miles in 41:51min, an average of 6:54min/mile with 161bpm. I found it tough running into the wind and the pace certainly felt a bit harder than it should have. Still though it was good to get a 'quick' run in ahead of next weekends 4 mile race. On the down side my right knee is very stiff tonight. I hope it turns out to be a thing of nothing but it may also be a sign that I should take it easy for a couple of weeks and maybe go back into a base training phase.

Today's run...

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