Friday, March 13, 2009

Going for a run?

...that was the question that Grellan asked me at lunchtime earlier today. After a few late nights and early mornings I was feeling a bit tired so I really was looking for an excuse not to run today but I'd already missed a few days this week so the 'question' was all the motivation I needed.

Since Ballycotton I've been taking it easy. On Monday I managed 5.63miles @ 7:33 pace 150bpm (42:30mins). That was my 'recovery' run and to be honest even if I wanted to my legs wouldn't go any faster. Tired legs are OK, Sore legs are bad. No soreness so that's OK.

Tuesday was a day off running i.e. a real recovery!!

On Wednesday Grellan and I managed an easy 8.06 miles at lunchtime in 1:00:01 (avg 7:27, 153bpm). That's the longest run I've ever fitted in at lunchtime and it felt good to break the hour mark!! The mile split pace started at 7:53 and increased to 7:15 during the run.

Thursday was another 'recovery' day!!

So today, despite being a bit sleep deprived and almost bailing I think I needed to run. It was probably a bit soon after Ballycotton to put in a 'proper' workout so the plan in mind was a 'steady' pace slightly quicker than last Wednesday. In the end the run turned into a bit of a progression steady/tempo pace and I felt comfortable all the way. We started out at 7:41 mins for the first mile and the pace accelerated from there!! The splits were 7:41 (139bpm); 7:13 (154); 6:56 (161); 6:35 (167); 6:32 (168); 6:15 (172); 6:25 (174). So despite my best intentions I completed 7.06miles in 48:00 (avg 6:48min/mile, 161bpm)!!

My niece is running later today in the US Collegiate National Championship in Houston so best of luck Tricia!! I look forward to hearing all about it.
Today's run...

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Grellan said...

Those hills look awful steep - no wonder I bailed after 5 miles.