Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three in a row

Still no running but I'm gradually getting more active; which is just as well cause my appetite is no different now than when I was running 'regularly'. Surprisingly it's only been during the past few weeks that I've noticed my weight go up. So it's official - it takes 3 months for all my muscles to revert to fat!!

I had three physio sessions this week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday was an unplanned session - I finally got a call from the CUH and although I've been going privately I didn't like to disappoint Mary Harney and the HSE!!!

Progress seems to be on track (or maybe slightly ahead of schedule) as I've now advanced cycling and to running on the spot on a trampoline while playing catch with a ball. (not at same time). BTW she (ie the physio) says the ball is to distract me but I think it's a subtle hint to give up running and take up a less risky sport like rugby!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day adventure

A belated Happy St Patrick's Day to all.

No running (obviously!!) recently just physio, exercises and some nice walks. The physio says that I've now to start some cycling which should be fun as I live at the top of a big hill. I'll be OK on the downhill but I'm not so sure about the return leg! Luckily I have a mountain bike!!

Since I've not been running I've had some time to experiment with one of my new toys - a digital video camera. And what better day to take it for a test run than St Patrick's Day.

I've never really seen the point or relevance of the whole parade thing. But, I usually watch it anyway. What does a few thousand of people standing by the side of a street watching a series of brass bands, dragons, pirates, underage camogie teams, ethnic minority groups, majoretts, international visitors, environmental activists, catholic prayer groups and the local Credit Union really say about the Irish or St. Patrick?? I'm certainly not sure but it's a bit of craic and as a nation, and possibly an international community, we all seem to enjoy it.

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing (with my camcorder and family in tow) two very different parades....

(Before I go any further apologies for the poor quality of the video footage.... I'm still in training!!)

The first was a small community parade in Sunday's Well. Organised by a few locals and primarily for the children of the area (and a some 'blow-ins' such as us). Today's parade was officially the "2nd Annual Sunday's Well Community Parade". The parade was an 'out and back' and lasted a whole 5-10 minutes (actually it passed by in about 30 seconds) but was great fun for young and old with ages ranging from 1 to 90+. And the after parade party and BBQ in Nuala & John's house with mulled wine (thanks Don!!), hot chocolate, burgers, breakfast rolls, pizza and, of course, lots of tea, sandwiches and cakes was brill. Well done to all.

See for yourself...

We left the party while it was still in full swing to walk the mile or so into town to see the official Cork City parade. A much bigger spectacle but for me the smaller family parade was much more like what it is all about.

Still though it was enjoyable to see the effort that the various participants put in. Groups taking part were from far flung places such Bangladesh, Poland, Kenya (all places full of Irish diaspora??) and the UK. I didn't see a US float but as I was late for the start I could have missed it. After all a St. Patrick's Day parade isn't complete without a representation from our US friends!!

Here are some extracts from the Cork parade....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let the walking begin

It's now 2 weeks since my cast came off and my ankle rehab seems to be coming along quite nicely. My initial attempts at hobbling have now turned into something resembling walking and my ankle joint doesn't mind being rotated - which is a good sign or so I'm told!

I had my first physio session earlier today and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my attempts to flex and rotate the ankle joint as well as some other basic exercises are just what I should be doing. And my drive to New Ross (300km return) earlier this week was just the right kind of exercise - no wonder I felt good the day after!! So at least I haven't been doing any damage.

The muscle wastage isn't too significant and the fact that it was my dominant leg, which has 10% extra muscle, that broke was a good (?) thing. I'm sure my overdeveloped calf muscles also had something to do with it!!

Some static bike work with the possibility of the cross trainer in the not too distant future was even mentioned. But... it seems like it will be June before running will become part of my exercise regime. Well at least it is June '10 and not '11 !!

The glass is definitely half full at the moment and as Westley commented on my last post "Every day is a day nearer your next run rather than another without one". How true....