Sunday, October 11, 2020

It was a strange year

What a year!  Who’d have thought that 2020 would turn out as it has.  Just a few short words sum it up for me

  • Lockdown
  • Pandemic
  • Face masks
  • Not enough running
Consistent running hasn’t been easy for me in recent years due to a combination of injury, real world pressures and a good dollop of laziness.  However, early Lockdown did reignite a love for walking but the 
travel restrictions meant that I was initially confined to 2km from home which was a bit limiting..  my world really expanded when this was later relaxed to 5km. 🤣 I think I’ve now walked all the possible streets within this zone!  

As summer came lockdown lifted and the endless zoom table quiz circuit faded.  So too did my desire for a daily walk and laziness took over once more 😉

Although I was being lazy, I did try to go for the odd run to slow the middle age spread.  I have a local 4.5mile route which has a bit of variety and, for now, that distance seems to be my limit.  So I’m trying to get into a routine of running (slowly) that loop a couple of times a week, generally over the weekend.  I can’t say my fitness is improving yet but I haven’t been getting injured which is a plus!

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the next lockdown, my plan is to try to introduce some more runs during the week and hopefully redevelop a healthy running habit.

I also discovered that my Garmin can give a nice overview of how bad my running is at the moment.  Green is bad btw!   

‘till next time.  Stay safe ...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Annual update - Autumn 2019

Has is really been over 12 months since I last posted about my latest attempts to restart a running habit??  Wow - time flies!  In my defence it has been a very busy year - just not on the running front for me!

However, my children's sporting careers have gone from strength to strength with one of them even getting to compete for Ireland in Wales last July.  So I've spent a lot of time at the track (waiting for training to end) but I really should use that time more productively!

The summer months and my expanding waistline have spurned me on to getting my own act in gear again.  So since the end of July I've managed to run every week and twice most weeks.  Not much but its a start..

I feel like I should be on a couch-to-5K programme.  But the programme I've adopted isn't that dissimilar.  Each run is easy, with the focus being on covering the distance and plenty of recovery between runs. 

In the beginning I wasn't too concerned about the number of walking breaks that I needed to take but from this week I'm trying to minimise the number of breaks (when I started I couldn't get past the 1 mile mark without a break).  Runs have been a minimum of 4 miles at an easy pace - just under 9 min / mile pace and on grass at the UCC Farm - avoiding hills and hopefully the risk of calf injury..

Today was a bit of a breakthrough day - so that's why I decided to write this brief post.

I got to the 3 mile mark at 8:20min/ml pace and without a break!  I think it's been over 2 years since I last managed that.  I also finished my run with only 2 walking breaks (@3 miles and @4 miles).  It seems like there's a base building.

Let's wait and see where it leads but there are green shouts of a running habit reforming..

All I need do now is to introduce 1-2 more runs per week and hopefully the gains will continue. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Old man & time again

Since I last posted here social media and blogging has moved on.  Most blogs now consist of tweets and it seems like the world doesn’t have any tolerance for ramblings of more than 140 characters!   Given the rambling brain dump that takes place on blogs such as this one I don’t blame them!  In fact, I’d say even the only 2 followers of this blog (my wife and me) who may find its contents mildly interesting have also shortened our attention span!  Too bad, as I’m going to start rambling here again!

In the time since my last post, almost 3 years ago, my running fortunes have taken a major decline. I’ve almost all but stopped running consistently and when I’ve made an attempt to return I’ve generally either stopped soon after (usually for good reason such a time limitations, work, family etc etc) or become injured.  I’ve logged a number of my attempts on my Dailymile microblog page.  Let’s hope this latest attempt will be more significant.

My latest attempt to make a comeback (strong word that for what I’m trying to do!!), was last February when out for an easy 4mile run I pulled my right calf muscle.  It has taken until now to mend ...

But as of last week it seems like my calf is fixed and I’ve put in a few slow & short runs.  By slow I mean really slow (by past standards but probably not that quick by current standards either!!).

What are my plans now I wonder..  not really sure I say ...but...  I’d like to get back running regularly.  Hopefully that can happen and I realize that it is totally within my own control.  I think I’ve gone beyond setting PBs so my ‘A’ goal now is to loose some weight and get back to the ‘head space zone’ that going for a regular run outdoors gives.

Small steps.... 2 x 4mile runs so far this week... let’s see what next week brings.....

Monday, June 1, 2015

Winter and Spring 2015 - rebirth?? ... maybe....

So it appears that this blog is destined to be updated on a 6 monthly basis.  Since the start of the year I've been training on and off, probably more off than on to be honest, largely as a result of those 'real world issues'.
Recently, things have begun to settle down so I'm once again on the road to a comeback....  don't hold your breath I've been here before!
Today I took part in my first track and field meet since 1993 or there's been a while!  The event was the County Masters Championships so I'm also now officially part of the "old man club".  Apart from the intrigue of seeing just how slow I am now at 43 compared to me at 21 today was a demonstration for my children that I'm also prepared to run races on the track - just like them! 
It was also probably the first time in a long number of years (if ever) that our Club entered an 'adult' event.  Up until recently only juvenile members competed in events and that adults coached so, I suppose, if we expect our kids to compete then I suppose we should lead by example.
Today I entered the 400m, 800m and Shot Putt - the same events that I would typically have entered as a schoolboy when competing at the County Champs.  It was nice to be back on the track - my only concern was that by running fast I might do some damage and further delay my 'comeback'.  But the risk was worth it!
My first event was the 400m - after a warmup routine I checked in and collected my starting blocks (could I remember how to set them up I wonder!) and once allocated lane 6 I got set up and waited for the start.  From the gun I went out like a bat out of hell mainly because I knew that my biggest competition would be coming from the lanes inside of me and I had no idea about what pace to run!  So by the 200m mark I was in the lead and going well - too well!  By 250-300m I wanted the race to be over - QUICKLY!  Lactic Acid was filling every pore of my body and my body was reacting by seizing up!  I was running in treacle and getting slower with every stride.  Coming into the home straight at the end of the stagger I was in 3rd and fighting to hang on.  Finally I crossed the line in 63.5sec - 3rd in the race and 2nd in my category (O-40).  The following photos show the aftermath..... 

Next up it was the 800m (after approx. 1 hour of me trying my hardest to regain control of my legs and arms).  After the gun I settled into 3rd position - trying hard not to make the same mistake twice in one day by going off too fast.  I soon realised that the leader was going to be too far ahead for me to challenge today so I focused on the leading female (directly ahead of me) and not getting passed from behind.  With 250m to go I made my move and moved into 2nd position.  I could hear that I was being chased down from behind so 150m to go I moved up a gear (obviously I was running too slowly as I still had another gear!).  I crossed the line in 2:28.51....2nd again.  The race in pictures .....
Finally, I ran straight from the 800m finish line across the infield to the Shot Putt circle, took 2 quick practice throws (with the wrong weight shot putt!),  and I was straight in.  My lack of practice (ever) with a 16lb shot showed with a 1st round foul (putted out side of the sector).  I took a more conservative style for the second round a got a mark.  Third round I pushed the boat out as far as I could and putted 7.27m.  2nd again!  My style in pics....


So it's onwards and upwards .... I wonder what event I should specialise in???  There is also a possible marathon in Dingle at the end of August....  Let's see what happens..

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 - the year that never was!

So 2014 is nearly over and, as John Walshe reminded me today, it's about time that I updated this blog.  As the chart below indicates this year was a bit of a nonstarter from a running perspective with monthly mileage that would look average on a weekly mileage log. In summary I suffer from being 'ill' in 2014 - Injury, Life & Laziness.
  • Injury was in the form of my own persistent calf weakness and old age, my children's broken bones and my wife's broken bones.....
  • Life was life - work, family, children, work, friends, socialising, work, children .....
  • Laziness from general life fatigue and low motivation - a flaw of my human condition
Suffice it to say that all my running goals were put on hold.  But now was 2014 is drawing to a close a sense of Zen is returning to my world and running is coming back on the agenda.  I even ran my first race in over 18months (first solo race in over 2 years) earlier today and there don't appear to be any ill effects.
It's great to see that other bloggers/friends have not suffered from the same ills and many bloggers, both here and on Dailymile, have achieved/exceeded their targets and excelled at their preferred distances.  Well done.
Roll on 2015 and keep the dreaded ills away from me too!!

Belgooly AC 4 mile - St Stephen's Day 2014
Although I have been aware of this traditional race since I first began running in the early 1980's, today was my first time running this event.  The race is organised by my children's athletic club (Belgooly AC) and being the season of goodwill 50% of the €10 entry fee is donated to a local bowel cancer charity.  This charity has particular relevance to me as sadly this was the disease that my father died from 9 years ago. 
There was also another first today in that I ran this race as a registered member of Belgooly AC. All my running life I have been associated with either Midleton AC or East Cork AC but since my regular contact these days (through my children and where I help out as a part-time coach) is with Belgooly AC I thought that it was only right that changed allegiances and registered with Belgooly.  Belgooly doesn't have a strong adult membership but maybe we can change this over the coming years.
As well as running today my wife and I also helped the club with the organisation of the race by digitising the entries - so it was a busy afternoon in front of a computer!!
The race itself went reasonably well despite my best efforts and overindulgences yesterday (Christmas Day). I wasn't ideally prepared for a quick run with all my runs over the past year or so being 7:30min/mile or slower.  So I was not hopeful of getting too close to my most recent (5 years ago!) 4 mile PB of 23minutes. However I was hopeful, but not certain, of being able to sustain a sub 7:30 pace and break 30mins for the 4 miles.  At best I thought that I could run sub-28 minutes.
Luckily the rain cleared and running conditions were ideal.  Over 650 runners took part, slightly down on last year, but still large enough to ensure that the club can make a donation of over €3000 to charity.
I positioned myself mid field and ran at a reasonably steady/even pace.  I was a bit surprised by the hilly nature of the course and from the end of the first mile I could feel the lactic burn, heavy breathing and an overwhelming urge to stop or at least slow down!  I also ran in racing flats (Asics DS racers) for the first time since 2012 and the lack of cushioning combined with my added weight/fat had a noticeable 'impact' in my legs.  I kept going...
The 2 mile marker came a bit early though - either that or I ran that mile split in 5:34 !! :) but the downhill finish was more than welcome!
My official time was 27:00 (slightly quicker than my watch time!) and I finished within the top 100 (15%).  Well down on past performances but well ahead of my target/goal for today.  Onwards and upwards I say....
Also, I must say well done to the other Belgooly AC (junior and senior) runners who took part including, Robert, Gavin, Frank, Sarah, Marc, Alex to name but a few who achieved their own goals today. 
Happy New Year, roll on 2015 and may all your dreams come through.
Near the top of the first hill...   

400m to go....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

So what's happened....

Since my 'hopeful' post in August my life and running have taken an unintended course.

Running wise the latter part of 2013 was mixed but by December a plan was hatched (even written down!!) and it could have ended up in running the Cork Marathon in June. I had a few good runs and was on course to build a decent base.

But then the 1st of January 2014 arrived and 5 miles into an easy afternoon run my calf said it had had enough. I suspect, the failure was caused by a weakness aggravated on a sharp decent 2 miles into the run. I spent the next few weeks resting, going for short test runs and some walking.  Finally, I came to the realisation that only complete rest would work for me. Unfortunately, I'm not as disciplined in other sports so finding time for swimming, cycling etc to maintain a base fitness was not going to happen. As a result my fragile base fitness went back to zero and below.

By February some personal / domestic issues took priority and running was not an option as all my free (and not so free) time had to be devoted to domestic duties.

Only now at the end of March is there some small slight light and I'm beginning once again to think about base training. Obviously, the Cork Marathon is no longer on the cards and my focus will be some Autumn races - yet to be identified.

First of all I need to get into a consistent routine once again. Only then can a real plan be once more hatched..... Two days done now and so far so good..... Let's see what happens (again)!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Small Steps.....

I took my first small steps back into the racing world last weekend.  It was only a 4km run leg as part of a super sprint triathlon but it was a start.

If triathlons are your thing I'd highly recommend the Dublin City Triathlon.  Good course, great atmosphere, well organised and most importantly... jam packed goodie bags.

We got to Dublin late on Saturday night but there was still just a little time for a quick team 'briefing' in the pub.  We took our hydration strategy really seriously and made sure to sample the local brew.  This didn't make the early start on Sunday morning any easier..

After registering at 7am, checking out the swim course and transition area, watching the early waves starting and meeting up with colleagues who were also taking part it was almost my turn to compete (3+ hours later!!). So, while the swimmers and cyclists did their thing Grellan and I went for a couple of miles warm up.  This was just as well as it gave me a opportunity to see the course in advance.

When we got back to transition our swimmers had finished their 600m swim and the cyclists were well on the road.  It didn't take long for my teammate to finish his 16k cycle and then it was my turn...

The run course was a mixture of road/pavement and cross country roughly in equal measure.  There were some drags (which if tackled at speed will turn your legs jelly) and even the relatively flat cross country section was a bit uneven so it's certainly not a course for a pb.  Which was just as well because I'm nowhere near pb shape at the moment.  So the plan was to go out steady and hang on.  The only problem with that plan was that this was a race and there was interoffice pride at stake!  So I headed out feeling comfortable at 5:30 pace.  After 800m the course went uphill and certainly made sure that my overall mile split would be considerable slower (6:23).  By the time I reached the top of the hill and headed out onto the country my legs were like lead and my breathing was so loud that anyone ahead got plenty warning that I was coming.  But I was passing runners all the way so that was motivation to keep going for the team (and it was only a 4k run so it would be over soon...)

 Only one person passed me (a chick but a very fast one!! an Irish international 1500m runner - Orla Drumm) and that was with about 800m to go.  This gave me some motivation to kick for home at sub 6min pace.  I finally crossed the line and stopped my watch with 16:44 on the clock.  It took me 12secs to leave transition so I estimate 16:32 for the leg.  A slow time but respectable enough given the course and probably as fast as I could have hoped for given that I haven't done any real speed work in a very long time.

The full results have yet to be published but one of our 4 teams (not the one I was in!) won the team relay. Congrats to them.

Now it's onwards and upwards to the next race (probably Cork to Cobh 15m at the start of October).  That gives me 5 weeks of serious training time.....

In full flight coming home with 200m to go...

Some of our team members looking relaxed beforehand....

Update 27-August
Provisional results published today show my run time as 16:30. That was the 2nd fastest of the relay runners and the 5th quickest of the day!! Our team came 8th of the relays (28th overall) in a time of 1:05:14. That was 13:00 for the swim and 32:30 for the cycle with T1 (1:35) and T2 (1:40). Well done to my teammates Kieran and Robert.