Sunday, March 23, 2014

So what's happened....

Since my 'hopeful' post in August my life and running have taken an unintended course.

Running wise the latter part of 2013 was mixed but by December a plan was hatched (even written down!!) and it could have ended up in running the Cork Marathon in June. I had a few good runs and was on course to build a decent base.

But then the 1st of January 2014 arrived and 5 miles into an easy afternoon run my calf said it had had enough. I suspect, the failure was caused by a weakness aggravated on a sharp decent 2 miles into the run. I spent the next few weeks resting, going for short test runs and some walking.  Finally, I came to the realisation that only complete rest would work for me. Unfortunately, I'm not as disciplined in other sports so finding time for swimming, cycling etc to maintain a base fitness was not going to happen. As a result my fragile base fitness went back to zero and below.

By February some personal / domestic issues took priority and running was not an option as all my free (and not so free) time had to be devoted to domestic duties.

Only now at the end of March is there some small slight light and I'm beginning once again to think about base training. Obviously, the Cork Marathon is no longer on the cards and my focus will be some Autumn races - yet to be identified.

First of all I need to get into a consistent routine once again. Only then can a real plan be once more hatched..... Two days done now and so far so good..... Let's see what happens (again)!!!