Sunday, October 11, 2020

It was a strange year

What a year!  Who’d have thought that 2020 would turn out as it has.  Just a few short words sum it up for me

  • Lockdown
  • Pandemic
  • Face masks
  • Not enough running
Consistent running hasn’t been easy for me in recent years due to a combination of injury, real world pressures and a good dollop of laziness.  However, early Lockdown did reignite a love for walking but the 
travel restrictions meant that I was initially confined to 2km from home which was a bit limiting..  my world really expanded when this was later relaxed to 5km. 🤣 I think I’ve now walked all the possible streets within this zone!  

As summer came lockdown lifted and the endless zoom table quiz circuit faded.  So too did my desire for a daily walk and laziness took over once more 😉

Although I was being lazy, I did try to go for the odd run to slow the middle age spread.  I have a local 4.5mile route which has a bit of variety and, for now, that distance seems to be my limit.  So I’m trying to get into a routine of running (slowly) that loop a couple of times a week, generally over the weekend.  I can’t say my fitness is improving yet but I haven’t been getting injured which is a plus!

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the next lockdown, my plan is to try to introduce some more runs during the week and hopefully redevelop a healthy running habit.

I also discovered that my Garmin can give a nice overview of how bad my running is at the moment.  Green is bad btw!   

‘till next time.  Stay safe ...

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